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At the heart of SUKI WANG DESIGN, lies a wellspring of creativity and inspiration, propelling us to infuse every facet of our brand with a sustainability-focused mindset. 

Nature, in its boundless beauty, undeniably proclaims the most avant-garde designs in our world. SUKI, deriving her inspiration from the multifaceted hues of nature, crafts colour palettes that weave into the design of homeware that is both delightful and sophisticated. But the question arises: how do we reciprocate our appreciation for the bounty nature has provided us, and what tangible actions can we take to positively reciprocate?

Merely reducing our plastic usage falls short of imperative action. There is an urgent call to mend the damage already inflicted by rejuvenating our natural world. 

Here at SUKI WANG DESIGN, we’ve adopted green solutions like utilizing rice hull waste as the foundational material for our biodegradable packaging bags. This not only mitigates food waste but also espouses a lifestyle that treads lightly on our carbon footprint. Every material utilized, from the 100% natural silk to the cotton, speaks volumes of our dedication to purity and authenticity. Our tote bags also embody sustainability, incorporating pre-consumer waste cotton.

Sustainability does not merely linger at the periphery of our brand but dwells profoundly at its core, molding our mission and guiding our actions. As we continue to uphold our stature as responsible global citizens, our constant inspiration draws from the well of nature’s beauty, fortifying our commitment to its preservation and well-being.