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About Us


    SUKI WANG DESIGN is a London-based boutique lifestyle brand delivering multi-cultural originality and combining sophisticated visual design with a vibrant colour theme.

    Bold, sophisticated, and nature-inspired are the DNA of the brand. Each product is exquisitely made using the finest quality materials and is intended to provide a boutique lifestyle, adding a touch of Oriental colourful aesthetics to our customers' daily lives.



    Explore the captivating world of an
    accomplished artist and designer
    Suki Wang whose creativity is a
    vibrant tapestry woven from
    diverse cultural influences. With
    origins half-Mongolian, born in
    Beijing, lived in HongKong and a
    decade-long residency in the UK &
    US , her work reflects a seamless
    fusion of East and West.

    Drawing inspiration from this
    multicultural journey, the artist
    employs oriental materials like silk
    and embraces traditional ink
    techniques to give life to their
    creations. As a stylist and devoted
    Taoism spiral believer, their art
    exudes a harmonious balance
    between tradition and modernity.
    Proudly identifying as an LGBTQ
    member, they infuse their work
    with a celebration of diversity and
    a unique perspective.

    Step into a realm where each
    stroke and design is a testament to
    the artist's commitment to
    perfection through cultural
    richness and contemporary

    We Care About People & Planet

    • We work with female artisans who utilize the finest materials sourced from around the world.This partnership ensures that we have access to the finest organic materials, which not only elevate the quality of our products but also reflect our commitment to environmental sustainability. The manufacturer prioritizes the well-being and happiness of their workers, creating a wholesome and positive working environment that ensures every piece produced is imbued with dedication and care. Such a mindful approach to manufacturing, which seamlessly blends top-tier quality with ethical practices, aligns impeccably with our brand values.

    • We are using rice hull waste as the source for our biodegradable packaging bags production is one of our green solutions for reducing food wastage and helps us to live a low carbon lifestyle.

      Sustainability is at the core of our brand mission and we will continue to embrace our role as a responsible global citizen.