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Colours Tips — ‘Gold Colour’

Colours Tips — ‘Gold Colour’

As a master of colour matching, Suki has a unique perception and usage of colours. Gold is one of her favourite colours, and it's easy to see the colour gold everywhere in our daily life.

But do you know what gold really represents?

Universally, the colour gold is associated with glamour and wisdom. It is a colour of boldness, a colour of class and symbolic of royalty and luxury and because of this, the colour gold is often used in jewelry and luxury watches. 

In East Asian culture, the colour gold represents great fortune as it stands for the values of money and prestige. Gold inevitably implies great wealth and high social status.

In Chinese Taoist thought, gold also refers to a metal based on the 'Theory of the Five Elements'. It stands for strength and determination. People with a gold element are controlling, ambitious and forceful, and those people can be specifically found in the finance and banking industry or they might be business-oriented.

Ancient Egyptians and Romans loved using a type of gold color which is generated from brown and yellow in their art. The gold color was also revered as an eternal color by the Egyptians and Greek culture saw it as representing power and immortality. 

It seems that people love the colour of gold no matter where they are in time of place. As a designer & stylist, Suki applied many gold colours in her product design, ‘a little bit of gold colour always lifts up the product vibe.’ as she always says. Psychologically speaking, gold helps people feel confident. So if one day, you feel a bit down, walk out of the door and put on your sparkling gold jewellery. Or, if you just want to stay at home, then why not get some bright colourful homeware with a little bit of gold colours on?

Trust Suki, try the colour of gold, you will find out it indeed makes your day different.